[Exclusive] Dynamic Brother Music Duo Ato-Mik Releases New E.P. ‘Season 1’ Inspired By Hip-Hop, Rock And Rnb.

Ato-Mik, the brother music duo comprised of Atom and Mikey, have released a new 4-track E.P. that blends elements of hip-hop, rock and roll and RnB to create a unique and dynamic sound. The E.P. features songs that touch on themes of love and loss, as well as personal growth and self-love.

Titled “Season 1” the E.P. is a reflection of the brothers’ personal experiences and journeys. The tracks explore the ups and downs of relationships, the challenges of letting go and the importance of learning to love yourself. With their signature blend of genres and emotional lyricism, Ato-Mik offers a refreshing take on contemporary music.

The E.P. opens with the track “Piece of Mind,” produced by Arc.Wav and Mikey, which features a soulful, melodic sound and introspective lyrics about finding inner peace. The second track, “It’s Going Down” produced by Nxsty and Mikey. Is a catchy and upbeat heartbreak song that speaks to the struggles of breaking up and of moving on from a relationship.

“Meant to Be,” the third track on the E.P. produced by Arc.Wav, is an inspiring track about being content with who you are and finding your place in the world. The final track, “Off my Mind,” features guest appearances from TBK The Blind Kid and Martez Claybren and is produced by Mikey, Atom, Kaptain Kronick and Tapatio. It was made in Kaptain Kronick’s (LaMar Mitchell, one of Stevie Wonder’s main producers) studio in LA. The track’s theme is about someone you cared for who had ghosted you then tried to come back in your life when you’re winning.

Ato-Mik has been making music together since childhood, and their unique blend of musical influences and emotional honesty has earned them a loyal following on social media and streaming platforms. “Season 1” is their most ambitious project to date and showcases their versatility and growth as artists.

“We hope that these songs will inspire people to reflect on their own journeys and find the inner strength to persevere.” says Ato-Mik “Season 1” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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