Manjina Asas Kickin’ Off 2022

Ever wonder if the uneasy feeling you are getting from the saturation ruining the music industry? Well, Manija Asas reminds us that whether there is negativity to the culture, he will always be around to push the culture forward.

Manija Asas has been on the grind to make a name in the music industry. From making big moves with his music and lifestyle, he has also decided to focus on his music. Manija Asas is on a track to success and fame. Not only has he been on the path of succession, but he has also done all of this at a young age.

His beat in “Love Me” keeps that old-school hip-hop flow alive while adding a mix of new waves to it. With striking beats gliding over an energetic rhythm, there is something so enticing about the flow. Known for music fusing rhythms and beats, listeners gravitate towards his striking genre-bending sound.

He is set for an amazing career coming up. Self-reflection, honesty, and strength gained over lockdown made Manija Asas the artist he is now.


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