SISTA DADDYO! I represent the struggle


I grew up in a small city in North Carolina, known as High Point. If you know anything about my city, then you can imagine how I grew up. I was born to young parents, who had no clue on how to raise a child. So, I did what any child who needs to survive would do- I “TURNED TO THE STREETS!” I literally had no structure, no guidance- I was just out here living, or so I thought.
Coming from a small city in the South, the family ties run differently. My family enhanced my “Turn Up”, we turned up daily. I am talking about fish fries, family parties, drinking, drug use- you name it, we did it. But it was all cool because you know, I was with family. Then one day, it all changed.  I was shipped to Hampton, VA, to live with my great aunt and uncle, who I really did not know. Mane, you are talking about lifestyle change. I went from getting drunk and hanging out, to a daily routine. I’m talking about family dinners, church on Sundays, school, and homework, curfew-some ole Bill Cosby- In the Family type “ish”.
I did not know what to do with all that, so I rebelled. They say “right”, I go “left”, I could not adjust, and I went back to what I knew- “The streets”- drinking and smoking, juggling women- I was “Lit”. I got in some real-life situations, to the point, I’m surprised I am still here. I dropped out of school and at the end of it all, my best friend committed suicide. After that point, my life became a blur- how I dealt with pain was to- Y’all should know- “Yep”, I went back to the streets.
Then one day, my life took another turn- In 2019, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This was my life-changing moment, I realized I was tired, and I needed to slow down. Having cancer, did just that- it slowed me down- made me reflect, it made me want more for myself. I begin to work thru my family trauma’s, I began to learn to forgive and love myself, thru my healing- I found a level of empowerment- and at that time I became- SISTA DADDYO! I represent the struggle, the growth, self-love and continuous healing.

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