The Rise Of Hachemi

My name is Hachemi , I was born in Marseille on 07/11/1995 but I currently reside in Dubai since October 2020 and I am of Algerian origin.

I have a degree in computer development and I started a PhD, I am currently an entrepreneur/influencer in new technologies and virtual business. Currently, nobody knows how I earn my money but I tell everyone that I’m in every possible virtual business (and it’s true). I am a globetrotter, during the year 2021, I made my subscribers travel to Tanzania 2x, to Ny, to Miami, to Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Brazil, Thailand and Maldives.

My inspirations: my mentor Idriss, my father modern businessman who arrived without any recognized diploma in France in his youth. Rohff ( in the mentality ), Zidane ( very big fan in the career path, we come from the same neighborhood in Marseille ), Jeremy Grantham ( in the business ) 3bis) I decided to launch myself in the entrepreneurship after having rolled my hump in the wage-earning and especially the student jobs. For me, it was impossible to work for someone and be satisfied with a monthly pay. After several bad experiences in big companies, I decided to leave everything to try the virtual business.

I decided to get into influencing after seeing that my life and my travels were inspiring many people, I suddenly got on the networks a little against my will after several appearances with influencer friends. Today, it’s an additional source of income.

I had a lot of bad periods in entrepreneurship, especially at the beginning, but all the problems I encountered in business pushed me to surpass myself and I find a certain challenge in relaunching myself each time a business gets stuck. In the influence, the sudden rise has led to many bad points but all this has motivated me to do more and it is my entertainment side that pushes me to never stop.

What motivates me now is being able to provide for my family and give them a luxury that they could have only had with difficulty such as very large paying schools for the younger brothers or dad’s retirement and travel for the parents.

I am a very hard person with myself but at the same time with a big heart, I help a lot all the people around me and I am involved in humanitarian trips like to Tanzania in April 2021

I have acquired several virtual and physical assets through my business, I am also involved in several applications like Elipscene. I have also accumulated more than 200.000 followers on Snapchat thanks to my travels and more than 100.000 followers on Instagram thanks to my lifestyle.

Currently, I want to travel as much as possible in order to develop my image on the networks, I would also like to release a training on my journey in order to help many people present in the same case as me who want to start to get out of the salary system.

The pandemic was the trigger for my business. The fact of working locked in telecommuting pushed me to quit everything too and it is notably during this period that I made the first online business of my life. Pandemic also means Halving and Boom in crypto, business around which I invested.

I advise everyone to listen to no one and not to hesitate to buy training from people who have lived what they aspire to do. Failure is a must before succeeding, it must serve as a lesson and this human experience (starting from nothing to finish on top) is formative of the person we become.

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